Above Ground Pool Coping - Flat Style (Various Packs)

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Above Ground Pool Coping - Flat Style (Various Packs)


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These plastic, non-corrosive coping strips act as a clip to hold your overlap liner in place on the pool wall before reinstalling the top rail. Replacing old, worn out coping strips with new ones when replacing your pool liner helps ensure a firm, proper liner installation. Flat style coping comes in 2' long pieces. Designed for round and oval pools only.

Use the chart below to calculate how many 2' sections of flat style coping you will need for your above ground pool:

Round Pools
Pool Size Pieces of Coping
12' Round 20 pieces
15' Round 24 pieces
18' Round 30 pieces
21' Round 34 pieces
24' Round 38 pieces
27' Round 44 pieces
28' Round 44 pieces
30' Round 48 pieces
33' Round 52 pieces


Oval Pools
Pool Size Pieces of Coping
10x15 Oval 22 pieces
12x18 Oval 26 pieces
12x24 Oval 32 pieces
15x25 Oval 34 pieces
15x30 Oval 40 pieces
16x24 Oval 34 pieces
16x32 Oval 42 pieces
18x33 Oval 44 pieces
18x34 Oval 46 pieces
21x41 Oval 54 pieces


More Information
Package Size 10-Pack
Length 2'
Liner Installation Flat Coping

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