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Aboveground Pool Liners Guide


How to find your Liner Type

Step 1. Determine if your pool has a bead receiver

Check under the top rail of your pool to determine if your pool has a bead receiver.

If your pool has a bead receiver,
you'll be buying a beaded liner.

Liner Types

If your pool does not have a bead receiver
you're most likely looking for an overlap liner.

Step 2. Determine which type of liner bead fits your pool

There are some bead types that can work with multiple pool installations,
but having your hardware checked first is important when choosing a liner bead.

Bead Compatibilty Chart

Bead Type Standard Pools Kayak®/
J-Hook Bead
Kayak® / Fanta-Sea™ Bead
Esther Williams/
Johnny Weismeuller Bead
Wilkes Bead

Bead Types In Detail

Standard Bead

1. Standard Bead

The Standard Bead is designed to slip into a standard liner bead track, which lines the top of your pool wall.

Other Compatible Bead Types:

  • EZ Bead (Hook Portion)
  • Uni-Bead
  • Duobead (Folded)

Kayak® Bead

2. Kayak® Bead

Similar to the Standard Bead, the Kayak® bead is designed for Kayak® pools only, and will only fit into the standard Kayak® bead reciever.

Other Compatible Bead Types: none

J-Hook Bead

3. J-Hook

J-Hook (also known as J-Bead and U-Bead) is a liner bead that can be used as is, with no bead reciever. To install, simply hang over your pool wall's edge, and it will hold up with no extra equipment necessary.

Other Compatible Bead Types:

EZ Bead

4. EZ-Bead

The EZ-Bead bead type is two beads in one; it can be used as either a standard bead that fastens into a bead receiver on the pool wall or as a J-hook used 'as it is' - hanging on the pool wall. There is no need to modify the bead to utilize either of these installation methods.

Hook Alternatives:

Other Compatible Bead Types:

Duo Bead

5. DuoBead

The DuoBead liner bead has two different methods by which it can be used: Folded or Unfolded.

Folded: This way, a DouBead serves a standard bead that fastens into a bead receiver on the pool wall.

Unfolded: The DuoBead serves as a J-hook / U-bead liner that hangs on wall itself, requiring no additional materials for installation.

Folded Alternatives:

Unfolded Alternatives:

Uni Bead

6. Unibead

The Unibead bead is actually both a J-hook & standard bead. To use as a J-hook simply slip bead over pool wall. To use as a standard bead the hook portion is removed at the score mark (groove) leaving only the standard bead which clips into the groove on the bead receiver.

Hook Alternatives:

  • J-Hook
  • Duobead (Unfolded)
  • EZ Bead (Hook Portion)

Wilkes Bead

7. Wilkes Bead

The Wilkes Bead is a specific bead intended only for Wilkes® brand pools. Notice that it resembles a J-hook, just much smaller.

Alternatives: none

Esther Williams Bead

8. Esther Williams Bead

The Esther Williams Bead is a very specific bead only to be used for Esther Williams® or Johnny Weismeuller® pools. This is a larger, thicker beads that will not fit into standard bead receiver tracks.

Other Compatible Bead Types: none

Other Liner FAQs

What does my liner warranty cover?

The Liner warranty covers seam separation and manufacturer's defects only. This warranty shall not extend to products which have been abused, misused, damaged as the result of the incorrect assembly/installation of the pool or repairs/replacement parts that have been made or attempted by others, torn or punctured due to improper handling, chemical corrosion, torn from sharp objects, rodents, or other similar situations are not covered under warranty. Natural wear and tear due to exposure to the elements is not covered. Warranties do not cover expenses incurred in draining of the defective liner, replacing water and/or chemicals or installation of the new liner.

The warranties have two parts; 'Full' means that if your liner is defective, and it is deemed to be covered under warranty, your cover will be replaced at no charge. After the full warranty period, the warranty is pro-rated and you will receive a certain percentage off the current purchase price of another cover. The purchaser will be responsible for any shipping and handling fees for the replacement in either part.

What installation accessories do I need for my aboveground pool liner?

Pool Pads

Provides an important protective layer between a vinyl swimming pool liner and it's sand or soil base. This acts as a vapor barrier to keep potentially harmful water away from metal components. In addition, liner failure due to puncture is minimized and heat retention is improved.

Wall Foam

Wall foam is padding that helps to create a smooth wall surface while preventing rust, corrosion, and other wall degradation from puncturing your liner. Wall Foam can be used on above ground and inground liner pools. Also

Cove Molding

Make sure to place pool cove around the bottom, inside circumference (where the pool floor meets the wall) of your pool wall before installing your new liner. Cove Molding fills the void at the pool's base, it helps eliminate stretching, pulling and tearing at the bottom,which can cause damage to your liner.Also, it is easier to use than trying to mold your sand.

What if my Liner is leaking?

After determining the exact location of a swimming pool liner leak, you can attempt to repair, or patch the vinyl pool liner with an underwater patch kit. Repair kits are inexpensive, and if used with proper technique, may add life to your pool liner.