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Frequently Asked Questions about Inground Pool Liners

Can I install an inground liner or should I hire a professional?

Many homeowners save hundreds to thousands of dollars in installation costs by doing their own installations. By researching printed installation procedures as well as video resources online ( such as found on Youtube ) , a customer should get an idea whether or not they are capable or comfortable with attempting an inground liner installation. If there is any uncertainty or apprehension, it is always better to let the professionals do it.

What will an inground liner cost?

All inground liners are custom made according to measurements provided of their pool by the customer. Liners are manufactured by several companies each offering a variety of patterns with different pricing. The 1st step is download a measuring form / guide and accurately measure and record the required measurements according to pool shape on the form (see next question ) . The 2nd step is select a liner pattern desired for a quote and submit.

For details or if you have questions, call our liner specialists at 1-800-828-7830

How do I measure my inground pool?

Here is a link to both a measuring guide and measuring form. Please measure accurately and fill in all information that may pertain to the quote such as covered steps, safety ledge, cove, etc.

What are additional items that may be needed for the install?

Typical items that should be considered for a replacement liner install are wall seam tape, wall foam & adhesive, gaskets for skimmers / returms, and step gaskets for fiberglas steps ( if applicable). Inspect faceplates of skimmers, returns , drains to see if replacement is necessary. After removing the existing liner a careful inspection of the pool walls and floor should be done to determine repairs.

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